Our mission is to help you feel "Mentally in Paris", no matter where you are. We are an intimate shopping experience, down the streets of Paris, from the comfort of your own home.

Our Founder took her first trip to Paris in her early twenties, and the love affair began the second she stepped off the plane. She fell madly in love with the food, wine, people, and even grew an obsession with the street signs. Le sigh. This trip was the first of many, which always resulted in shopping trips and bringing home unique finds that consistently received the question from friends, "where can I buy that?". The concept of French Face was born.

Our goal is to whisk you away to the streets of Paris, and various cities in France, through an online shopping experience. You will discover small shop owners you can only find on our site (or shopping in France). The only thing missing is a fresh croissant. 

Paris is our first city and the muse for this idea, but we are working hard on a new website, that will allow you to shop iconic cities around the world. Let's "catch some flights" and travel-shop together!