Q: Why French Brands?

A: The French do a lot better; food, wine, and simplicity in style. We've chosen unique brands that you can't find here to whisk you away to a day of shopping in Paris. Most of our brands are also women owned, small businesses so every purchase you make is helping support a small brand and owner.


Q: If things sell out, will you order more of the lines?

A: We work with very small vendors and business owners in France, so limited inventory is going to typically be the case. However, super popular lines that sell out fast can be voted on by our members to return. We then work with the brands on a timeline to develop another line or order, if they are able. Our goal is to help elevate small French brands who deserve the spotlight.


Q: How do you pick your partners?

A: We have a long list of future and current partners and we select them on a variety of core values. We select companies who embrace diversity and equality, with most being women-owned entrepreneurs who are trying to create jobs while following a passion.

All of them encompass what we view as French; confidence, passion and fearlessness.  They emulate authenticity, have tenacity, and pursue their dreams. Those are the brands we work with.


Q: How do I nominate a French brand?

A: Our members get to nominate "travel" shops and we have an open form here for French designers and brand owners.


Q: What do members get?

A: Members are a part of building our brand first and foremost. We are creating a "shopping-travel" experience, and we will have our members develop it with us by recruiting them to share and nominate amazing small businesses they find while on their own travels. They also get a $50 gift card for a friend, a welcome gift, and 20% off all purchases. Check it out here.


Q: Why are items marked up from the website I see them on in France?

A: We do the lowest mark up possible to cover import tariffs and shipping. We do offer FREE US shipping once we ship it to you, too. So your mark-up is only covering tariffs and shipping from France.


Q: Will you add other cities or countries?

A: Oui! We live to travel and while France is our favorite, we are looking forward to carving a new path and shopping experience around the world with a new approach to "shopping small". These small businesses around the world need us all and we're here to create a new path for them.


We look forward to "catching a few flights" with you around the world.